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 I can not register my vehicle on the ANTS website because the previous owner did not provide me with the transfer code. What should I do ?

To register your vehicle, you need a transfer code communicated by the former owner of the vehicle after he himself declared the sale on the website ANTS .

If this step has not been carried out and you are not in possession of a transfer code:
- connect to the ANTS via FRANCE CONNECT;
- click & laquo; my account & raquo; top right - then click & laquo; registration & raquo;

- on the right of the screen in the window "I want to know" click on & laquo; I wish to make another request & raquo;

- in the category select "make another request";
- in the sub-category click on "I can not get a gray card to my name ..."
you will explain then your situation in the box & laquo; specify your request »

If no favorable answer is communicated to you know that without a transfer code you will have to go through an authorized professional who will carry out for you the registration of your vehicle. It will then be necessary to provide a copy of the crossed out registration certificate and the sales certificate. You will find a qualified professional in your department by clicking here .
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